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For all Pony Mad kids’ parents ;) Forelock Books helps children tell their OWN story


Forelock Books has launched its first Storytellers’ Activity Pack, aimed at keeping children with an active imagination busy over the summer holidays.

The pack, which is available to download from the Forelock Books website, will help budding writers create compelling storylines, characters and tantalising titles, but will also help them to map events, develop links and write a synopsis.

“I created the Storytellers’ Activity Pack after being asked by a countless number of parents if there was something available that would help their children formulate their ideas and encourage them to write their own stories,” said Michelle Charman from Forelock Books.

“Many of us document our lives through stories on social media, but this is not the same as storytelling. Good storytellers create adventures, develop characters and link events; they evoke emotions and care about the reader. Good storytellers are critical in today’s world.”

The Forelock Books Storytellers’ Activity Pack is supported by actors James Bolam and Susan Jameson, stars of Cbeebies “Grandpa in my Pocket’. Both James and Susan will be contributing by providing creative hints and tips in the form of video clips and Q&A sessions on Forelock Books’ social media pages.

The Forelock Books Storytellers’ Activity Pack is available to download from www.forelock-books.co.uk, priced at £2.49

Forelock Books is an independent publisher of family equestrian fiction, founded in 2014. They have published 12 titles over the last three years and have a stable of outstanding British authors, including KM Peyton MBE, Lady Kitson OBE, Ken Lake and Laura Quigley. Forelock have set out to bring back great stories that can be read over and over and to reinvent the book as something to be treasured and passed through generations. Great stories fuel the imagination and are what leads us to dream of things that would never otherwise be thought of. 

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