Being stretched

Becky writes about her experiences over two Intensive Training Days with me:

Kicking On

Frustrated with my lack of progress at the local riding school, I booked an intensive weekend of lessons with Wiola of Aspire Academy.  Last weekend, she finally got a chance to look at my riding, rather than reading about it, and tried to help me improve it.

Over two days I rode three different horses – four if you count the simulator – and managed to clock up more hours in the saddle over that period of time than I have in months.  I knew my body was in for a shock, given that I’m pretty unfit and my position needed a lot of work, but I tried my best to ignore the fact that various muscles were being painfully reawakened and make the most of it.

Even when I’m in the situation of being a client, I get nervous when I’m riding for someone new.  At the start…

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