#Barebruary by Kate

Hi Wiola

Here is a photo of me and Storm, taken two years ago when I finally plucked up courage to sit on him bareback for the first time ever.


I regularly used to ride [my other horse] Bracken bareback out hacking, but didn’t trust Storm until this day. Now I probably ride him bareback 3-4 times a year, so far only in walk and a little bit of trot, and usually just to check out my own seat and aids when asking for turns and yields.  It is interesting for me that he is always Perfect Pony when I ride him bareback (and you know some of his antics in the past!) but then I only ride him bareback when I have prepared us both properly…hmmmmmh!!!!!!  This year I plan to add some canter and maybe a little bit of teeny jumps.  Bareback riding is not something I feel I need to do for him, but do find it useful for my own Attitude – I am much less likely to push either of us out of our comfort zones when riding bareback.  Very revealing!

Thank you for sharing Kate! Great to know you and Storm have such better relationship now 🙂 

Would you like to join in #Barebruary training theme? If you do, email your bareback pictures to aspire@outlook.com, post them to our Facebook page or Tweet at @aspireacademy adding #barebruary hashtag with a few words about how bareback riding has helped you with your riding skills – I will publish your photos on the blog throughout February!

To read more about #Barebruary click HERE

*Please note: I don’t accept any pictures, no matter how beautiful, of riders without riding hat/helmet or of horses wearing “creative” bits/bridles suggesting violent training methods.

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