#Barebruary by Nigel

Nigel is a rider on Aspire Equestrian Foundation Programme and today he shares a few thoughts on his bareback lessons’ experiences from a novice rider point of view 🙂

Nigel on Star during their today’s training session

Riding without the saddle makes me more aware of small movements I make and the difference they have on Star. This is helpful because often I am out of ideal position or posture; it’s like the saddle wraps your body in cotton wool so that you don’t feel the actions and responses so strongly…Riding bareback allows me to feel the differences between balanced seat and one that is about to become an unbalanced one! I am able to feel the issues much quicker and make smaller corrections thanks to that.

Thank you for sharing Nigel!

Would you like to join in #Barebruary training theme? If you do, email your bareback pictures to aspire@outlook.com, post them to our Facebook page or Tweet at @aspireacademy adding #barebruary hashtag with a few words about how bareback riding has helped you with your riding skills – I will publish your photos on the blog throughout February!

To read more about #Barebruary click HERE

*Please note: I don’t accept any pictures, no matter how beautiful, of riders without riding hat/helmet or of horses wearing “creative” bits/bridles suggesting violent training methods.

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