Guest Blogger Ceri on Combining Two Passions

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Well I had a bit of luck recently! As explained in a previous blog, I gave up working with horses just over a year ago as I wanted to set up my photography business and felt that, with horses being more lifestyle than job, the two just didn’t mix. Well, following a random conversation with an old friend, I am excited to be back working with horses in a position that will allow me to do both! Perfect! I am now working part time on a livery/hunting yard which allows me to be back in the countryside I love, earn enough to survive and give me the time I need to build my business.

The yard is a 30+ box yard catering for full/diy and hunting liveries, it’s set in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside just outside Ripon, has xc course, indoor school and miles of off road riding. Just an amazing place to be working, great people to work with and lovely horses to ride. What more could a girl want!

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This weekend we held a riding club show followed by a barbecue, it was a really nice, relaxed atmosphere and everyone had a great time. I had a great time out and about with my camera and thought I would share a few of my favourites with you. Hope you enjoy them.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Ceri on Combining Two Passions”

    1. Thanks Bella, I’m so pleased to get the change to do the two things I love most (I might need reminding of this when it’s -15 and 3 feet deep in snow) πŸ™‚

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